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Kate Conway


2020 Reel 

About Me

"Who Are YOU?"

Kate was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. 

Kate considers herself a midwestern girl at heart with a love of finding the small town in every big city she lands in. 

She's a dork when it comes Star Wars, Tea, and All things Vintage

Kate can work as Local Hire in: LA, NYC, Atlanta, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Chicago and St. Louis

The New Normal 

This Shut Down has affected us all  in different ways. I am hunkered down with my family in St. Louis feeling very grateful for this family time and my first pair of sweat pants  

Recent Work

Kate Just Finished Production on a new short film written and produced by American Horror Story Writer Asha Michelle Wilson. 


Kate had blast attending the Los Angeles and Seattle Premiers of her most recent feature film Alone We Fight! 

Feature Film

Kate had an amazing time working on the new Sony Distributed WW2 drama Alone We Fight, featuring actor Corbin Bernsen. Kate plays Lt. Jackie who works as a frontline nurse during the battle of Hurtgen Forest.

Keep in Contact 

Kate is An Actor Based who is currently  in Los Angeles, California. She works as a local Hire in Atlanta, Chicago, New Mexico and New YorkTheater Film TV Art

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